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AnswerData Analytical Tools for Revenue Cycle and More

MBR’s suite of analytical tools provides immediate answers to healthcare executives on revenue cycle and operational performance.

  • Analyze and interpret past and present financial data with predictive analytics to forecast and control future results.

  • Reveal formerly hidden performance and cash flow improvement opportunities.

  • Strategic and focus-sensitive modeling for revenue cycle acceleration and management with virtually unlimited drill-down data analysis capabilities.

  • The AnswerCube™ tracks past and present data and creates a synthesized third dimension of new, pre-calculated knowledge, specifically designed to impact your focus points in revenue cycle management with particular emphasis on the key metrics relative to organizational objectives.

  • Quickly create strategic staffing models for your business office, assigning specific account portfolios based on optimal effectiveness, return on investment, and achievement of revenue cycle goals.

  • Graphic reporting by facility, provider, patient type, financial class, payer, staff members, procedure, modifier, diagnosis, DRG, revenue codes, and more.

  • Past, Present, and Future dimensions of each pivotal data element gives users the ability to monitor and control trajectory of revenue cycle and cash flow.

  • Adds proprietary key control points and data-based intelligence not present in resident patient accounting and EHR data.

  • The result is command of revenue cycle goals and objectives.

Business Office Extension

  • MBR’s Business Office Extension provides claims and revenue cycle management support from our offices in Colorado and Illinois, serving all of the United States.

  • Our BOE supports healthcare providers from coast-to-coast, delivering support and solutions to clients in over 350 facilities in more than 180 cities, nationwide.

  • A wide range of experience in revenue cycle operations empowers our BOE with the ability to identify problems in all areas of the providers’ business office from patient access to payment posting, claim resolution, and reporting.