In a matter of 2 short years, we have completely turned around our business office and other facilities are asking us, “How were you able to do that?” and we proudly say it was a decision that we made to go with a company named MBR. Our relationship with MBR has been one of the few relationships that we’ve had that has really exceeded our expectations and I think the results speak for themselves.
— Chief Executive Officer
I needed Medical Business Resources to get my accounts receivable to a more manageable level. They enabled us to recapture 25 percent of the accounts that we had written off as bad debt
— Chief Financial Officer
I have know Eric Whitrock for a period of 5-6 years from a business and professional standpoint. Eric is very knowledgeable in his field and he does a very good job for his clients. I have personally gotten feedback from those he has performed work for. I am a former hospital administrator from Humana who now operates my own business. We use one another for sounding boards and share new ideas. I have know Bruce Savnik for over a year, and I have found him thought of in a highly positive manner as well.
— President, HFMA Colorado
Eric Whitrock has done a lot of work for us. He is wonderful and I cannot say enough good things about him. He set up a process for custom billing that was outstanding. He was very timely with questions and responses. I would strongly recommend him. Eric delivers what he promises, and he is always ready to go. He is excellent in all categories.
— Director of Occupational Health Services
Their timely and efficient response bailed us out when we most needed help. The cash began to come in; the aging dropped and so did the AR. MBR knows what they’re doing. You can rely on them to come through for you. On time and in budget.
— Director, Patient Financial Services
MBR, Inc. has done an excellent job aligning its business strategies with those of Centura Health. I appreciate your personal and professional commitment toward ensuring our continued financial success. Together, we have accomplished a great deal over the last 18 months and trust that we will continue.
— Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
Medical Business Resources installed a software program at Denver Health Medical Center that helps nurses more quickly and accurately report and bill health plans for patients’ drugs and medical treatments. “It’s 75% faster to go through the information,” said the director of commercial audits and Denver Health Medical Center. “The same is true in terms of revenue capture. I can’t imagine doing it without the MBR system at this point. It’s been an essential tool.
— Denver Business Journal
Eric Whitrock sent us a wonderful and fabulous consultant from Medical Business Resources, who provided collection services for our Home Care Division. Eric always provides accurate and timely reports. I would have no problem recommending him to other clients.
— Director of Business Services
Eric is a very sincere person. I always call him if I have a problem. He is excellent and very knowledgeable of hospital bill audits and insurance.
— Charge Auditor
We’ve used Medical Business Resources for Medicare billing for our Home Health Division. Eric Whitrock sent us a very knowledgable consultant and he was willing to work with me on our fees; we are a division of Children’s Hospital.
— Fiscal Manager
I have know Bruce Savnik for 10 years plus. He worked directly for me for over seven years at Rose Medical Center. Bruce is absolutely the best. He is an honest man with no hidden agendas and he is the kind of person I would hire and have as a friend. I have always found him to be objective and honest with his approach to people, and he worked with people in a constructive way. Bruce is one fo the finest people I know. I would give him the highest reference.
— Chief Financial Officer
MBR’s staff provided the type of professionalism and dedication required to collect third party commercial insurance accounts assigned during the project. We made three separate placements to MBR during the cash acceleration project. All three provided successful cash collections, and assisted in reducing the days in AR. Their reporting provided detailed information, thus allowing us to determine if the accounts were collectable and take appropriate action.
— Patient Financial Services
I have known Bruce Savnik since 1992. I was immediately impressed with him as he is very thorough in his work. If he tells you he will accomplish something, you can count on him to get the job done on time. He is soft spoken and he has excellent interpersonal skills in dealing with difficult situations. He helped guide us with his good judgment. Bruce is very honest and straight. I like him a lot.
— Partner
We are going on-line with three software packages and we are using a brand new major system. MBR will develop phase I-A of the interface for this process. I am very impressed with Eric. He is very friendly, an excellent communicator, and someone who knows the value of service. Eric is easy to work with and extremely responsive to any problems
— Charge Audit Manager
Bruce Savnik worked at Rose Medical Center for the RoMed Corporation. He reported directly to me for a period of one year, although I have known Bruce for 8 years. Bruce is very honest and above board. He is extremely respectful of people and I feel very good about his integrity.
— President and CEO