MBR offers the tools and services for healthcare providers for

rapid revenue cycle improvement.


MBR is the healthcare providers advocate in the pursuit of equitable and timely reimbursement from third party payers. We facilitate the claims adjudication and management process with a focus on accurate, timely, and complete payment for services and supplies rendered in the delivery of healthcare in hospitals and clinics nationwide. We maintain consistent, dependable cash flow for our clients through proprietary analytics, professional relationships and diligent correspondence with third party payers. MBR has been in business since 1996.

MBR is an extension of the business office of each provider we serve. Our organization has supported and staffed the revenue cycle initiatives of some of the largest Healthcare Systems and Integrated Delivery Networks in the world, while providing equal time to rural and critical access settings. MBR has gained a national presence, and has successfully conducted projects for more than 350 facilities in 200+ cities across the country. MBR's operations are 100% U.S.-based.

MBR has also recognized the growing demand for data management and system integration. Since 1996 MBR has developed business office tools including AudiMed, the City of Denver's charge auditing program used continuously for 17 years at Denver Health. The internally designed AnswerData™ Strategies and Analytical Tools have evolved to create the virtual blueprint for achieving pre-determined goals and objectives in revenue cycle performance. The strategies include identification of focus areas and specific inventories of hospital and clinical third party claims, then systematically progresses through each account portfolio in the precise sequence of optimum financial efficiency based on cash yield from historic indexing.

We are committed to excellent performance and integrity through personal and professional achievement in a challenging, people-oriented environment. Our goals are based on the fiscal health of our clients, quality of service, and long-term sustainability through demonstrable value. Contact MBR to learn more today.